WiX v5 is here! Let us help.

Sprint 5: Using WiX extensions

At its most basic, WiX is a set of build tools to make packages for Windows Installer. But WiX does more than just that -- and one of those things is to add functionality that's not baked into Windows Installer. WiX packages up that extra functionality in WiX extensions. As one might guess from the name, WiX extensions are not built into WiX, so there are a couple of extra steps you have to take to use them. (Don't worry; those same smart and funny folks that wrote WiX also wrote a bunch of WiX extensions for your packaging pleasure.)

Here are our tasks for this sprint:

  • Needing a WiX extension
  • Adding the WiX extension to our project
  • Adding the WiX extension namespace to our code
  • Invoking the WiX extension
  • Using the WiX extension's results

This time, because we're working with launch conditions, like the last sprint, our sprint exit criteria are also similar: Test our launch conditions to make sure we:

  1. Accomplished our goal (met the requirement, in other words).
  2. Didn't accidentally break something else.