FireGiant WiX (“FG-WiX”)

FireGiant WiX (FG-WiX) is a version of the open-source WiX Toolset maintained by FireGiant to ensure that our customers have the most stable and the most functional version of WiX available.

  • FG-WiX is based on the latest stable release of open-source WiX, which FireGiant validates and fixes as needed.
  • Available exclusively to Enterprise Support customers.
  • FireGiant can create custom fixes or merge individual fixes from open-source WiX, without bringing in the risk of unvalidated changes from open-source development branches.
  • FireGiant takes care of all compliance issues with the WiX open-source license, removing one of the biggest hurdles many companies face when considering the use of open source in commercial products.
  • Transition to FG-WiX from community WiX (and back again, if needed) effortlessly, with no disruption to your source code.

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FG-WiX the most stable and most functional version of WiX available
Includes WiX Expansion Pack functionality

Includes the WiX Expansion Pack

FG-WiX also includes the WiX Expansion Pack—a set of powerful productivity tools not available in open-source WiX.

  • The FireGiant MSIX Extension lets you create MSIX packages from existing WiX projects with trivial code updates.
  • The FireGiant Driver Extension is a lightweight and robust extension to the Windows Installer to install non-PnP drivers, such as file system filters, without the overhead of DifxApp.
  • The FireGiant Bootstrapper Application simplifies the creation of native-code bootstrapper applications for Burn bundles.
  • HeatWave Harvesting is a simple and powerful harvesting mechanism that makes it easy to incorporate select files from a folder or Visual Studio project. It’s more powerful than Heat.exe and easier to use.

All of this and more is available as part of our Enterprise Support Program.