WiX v5 is here! Let us help.
HeatWave provides WiX v5 integration with Visual Studio

WiX v4 and v5 Documentation

WiX v5 is the latest version of the WiX Toolset.

HeatWave is the Visual Studio integration

WiX v5 is the latest version of the WiX Toolset. At FireGiant, we recommend upgrading as soon as possible and offer conversion services to help you out. We also provide HeatWave to provide an integrated experience with Visual Studio.

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WiX v3 Documentation

WiX v3 is the previous version of the WiX Toolset.

FG-WiX v3 is supported by FireGiant

While WiX Toolset v3 is the most widely used version of the WiX Toolset, we do recommend upgrading to WiX v5. But we also know that upgrading can take time. And some products may simply need to stay on WiX v3. At FireGiant we offer FireGiant WiX v3, which is fully supported by our Enterprise Support Program and includes additional functionality that can make you more productive using the WiX Toolset.

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WiX v3