FireGiant WiX (FG-WiX)

FG-WiX is everything you love about open-source WiX with additional testing and validation—making it the most stable and most functional version of WiX available.

FG-WiX is available exclusively to our Enterprise Support customers.

  • Reduce risk by relying on a WiX build tested right here at FireGiant.
  • Get WiX bug fixes right when you need them.
  • Influence the direction of WiX itself with custom feature requests.

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MSIX Extension for WiX Toolset
WiX Expansion Pack productivity for WiX

WiX Expansion Pack

The most powerful and popular installer toolset on the planet just got a whole lot better. Extend the capabilities of the WiX Toolset with the WiX Expansion Pack from FireGiant.

The WiX Expansion Pack includes powerful and innovative features like the MSIX Extension that lets you create conventional MSI packages as well as MSIX packages from a single code base—the one you've worked so hard to develop and maintain all these years.

  • Available for standalone purchase or at no extra charge for all customers in our industry-leading Enterprise Support Program.
  • One price for your entire organization.
  • Fully compatible with the community version of WiX as well as with our own FireGiant WiX (FG-WiX).

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