WiX v5 is here! Let us help.

Product backlog

Here is our product backlog -- the work we plan to complete in this project. The work items are roughly in priority order, which is roughly the order we'll tackle the work in, though everything is subject to change. Sometimes we'll decide to do the work in a different order because we decided that some bit of functionality is more important than that other bit of functionality. Or maybe some bit of functionality wasn't very exciting and we gave ourselves the treat of working on something else first.

  • Configure how the installer appears in Installed apps.
  • Create a shortcut for our app.
  • Configure the app in the registry.
  • Upgrade our app and installer.
  • Localize our app and installer.
  • Create a file-type association.
  • Create multiple editions of the installer.
  • Upgrade our app to .NET 8 and our installer to a bundle.
  • Theme our bundle.
  • Streamline our bundle for supported platforms.

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