WiX v5 is here! Let us help.

Sprint 1: Welcome to the team

For our first sprint, we want to get set up to do an installer for our client app. We won't do much real work in this first sprint. The bulk of our work is a spike -- a Scrum term describing time spent researching and learning -- to explore what WiX source code looks like and get a grounding in how it's put together. That will be important as we add more functionality in the future and is quite enough to keep us busy this sprint. So that's our sprint theme. Here are our tasks for the sprint:

  • Install HeatWave.
  • Create an empty solution.
  • Create an MSI package project.
  • Spike: Explore the project HeatWave created for us.
  • Build successfully.

Our sprint exit criteria really is just one pretty easy criterion: We've built successfully. Future sprints will have more functionality and be a bit tougher.