WiX v5 is here! Let us help.


HeatWave is FireGiant's Visual Studio extension for WiX v4. HeatWave Community Edition is available free of charge and provides:

  • Conversion of WiX v3 projects and authoring
  • Building of WiX v4 SDK-style projects
  • Project references and WiX extension package references
  • Project and item templates
  • Property pages to control how the project builds

HeatWave peacefully coexists with the WiX v3 Visual Studio extension, which lets you mix and match WiX v3 and WiX v4 projects in a solution. You can convert the WiX v3 projects to WiX v4 gradually.

Installing HeatWave

HeatWave is available from the Visual Studio Marketplace.

Double-click the downloaded .vsix file to install HeatWave.

Upgrading HeatWave

When new versions of HeatWave are released, you can update from within Visual Studio:

  1. Choose Extensions|Manage Extensions.
  2. Expand the Updates node.
  3. Select Visual Studio Marketplace.
  4. Select HeatWave Community Edition.
  5. Choose Update (or Update All).
  6. Choose Close.
  7. Close Visual Studio to trigger the update.