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HeatWave Build Tools

Where HeatWave extends the WiX v4 experience in Visual Studio, the HeatWave Build Tools extend the functionality of WiX v4 in the build process. To integrate seamlessly into the build process, the HeatWave Build Tools are WiX extensions and, like WiX's own extensions such as WixToolset.Util.wixext, are distributed as NuGet packages.

HeatWave Build Tools WiX extensions

The FireGiant.HeatWave.BuildTools.wixext WiX extension provides additional functionality to MSI packages you build with WiX v4, including:

  • Advanced harvesting
  • Support for installing file system and kernel drivers
  • Support for configuring protected services

The FireGiant.HeatWave.BuildTools.Msix.wixext WiX extension lets you build Msix packages from WiX v4 authoring.

You can install any HeatWave Build Tools WiX extension from NuGet.org using the NuGet Package Manager in Visual Studio.