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FireGiant Driver Extension

The FireGiant Driver Extension can install, repair, upgrade, uninstall, and roll back kernel and file system drivers. This WiX Extension is very lightweight and robust and avoids all the complexity DifxApp requires to install plug and play (PnP) drivers. All you need is your system driver, FG-WiX and one line of XML.

Here is a snippet of .wxs code that can install a simple kernel driver:

  <Component Directory="SystemFolder">
    <File Source="build\path\to\foo.sys" />

    <fgwep:Driver Name="Foo" DisplayName="Foo example driver" Type="kernel"
                  ErrorControl="ignore" Start="boot" BinaryPath="System32\foo.sys" />

Drivers can also be part of a load ordering group using the LoadOrderGroup attribute and define dependencies on other drivers and system services using the DriverDependency element. For example, a file system driver dependent on another driver Bar and load ordering group Baz:

<fgwep:Driver Name='FooFs' DisplayName='Foo example file system driver'
              Type='fileSystem' ErrorControl='ignore' Start='boot'
              LoadOrderGroup='System Reserved' BinaryPath='foofs.sys'>
  <fgwep:DriverDependency Name='Bar' />
  <fgwep:DriverDependency Name='Baz' Group='yes' />

To use the Driver Extension, add a reference to the FgwepExtension.wixext.dll and access the extension by adding the following namespace to your .wxs code:

<Wix xmlns:fgwep="http://www.firegiant.com/schemas/v3/wxs/fgwep.xsd">