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Support tomorrow without throwing away today

Microsoft introduced MSIX as part of Windows 10 as an alternative installation technology to the Windows Installer. But there are still many hundreds of millions of users using older versions of Windows that only support MSI. How do you support your existing customers while adapting to the future?

Get the MSIX Extension for the WiX Toolset.

  • Use your existing source code to create MSI, MSIX, and AppX packages
  • Implement new features once
  • Be guided toward success

Read on for details about how the MSIX Extension for WiX Toolset can create MSIX and Appx packages for desktop applications.

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FireGiant MSIX Extension in action.

Windows Store? Using my WiX code? Yep, here's how.

The Windows Store makes it easy to sell your application directly to millions of customers running Windows 10. Unfortunately, you had to rewrite your application specifically for the Windows Store. With MSIX, existing desktop applications are now supported. All you need is an MSIX package.

Does this mean you have to repeatedly convert your MSI package into an MSIX package for the Windows Store? Or does this mean you need to duplicate installation logic in MSIX for Windows 10 and MSI everywhere else?

It would. Except...

With the FireGiant MSIX Extension for the WiX Toolset, you can create MSIX packages from the same source code you use to create MSI packages today. All you need is the FireGiant MSIX Extension for the WiX Toolset and a couple of lines of code.

<msix:Msix Id="Example" Publisher="CN=Example" />

The FireGiant MSIX Extension also lets you create Appx packages for Desktop Bridge in Windows 10 April 2018 Update and earlier. You can use the same WiX code to build MSI, MSIX, and Appx packages.

Watch the video to see the Extension in action to create an AppX package for 7-Zip.

MSI, MSIX, and AppX from a single code base.


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