The second release candidate of WiX v5 is now available. It contains a small number of (also small) bug fixes -- and includes fixes for the security vulnerabilities we announced today.

Based on the number and severity of issues that users have reported for WiX v5.0.0-rc.1, we are cautiously optimistic that things are looking good for the v5.0.0 release on 5-April, which also happens to be the 20th anniversary of the first open-source release of WiX back in 2004. (Did we pick the date of now-annual releases to coincide with that date? We did, in fact, consider other aspects of the calendar, such as avoiding typical vacation and holiday periods when not many people would be around to test release candidates and take up final releases. But obviously it was mostly the anniversary date.)

Obviously, there's always the potential for a severe bug to be reported at any time between now and then. We're monitoring bugs as they come in and fixing the important (and/or easy) ones. We'll also do a full triage at our next scheduled online meeting on 26-March.

What's new in WiX v5?

I will again save wear and tear on my typing fingers by pointing to the WiX v5.0.0-rc.1 announcement and the WiX v5 for WiX v4 users pages to detail what's available in WiX v5.

Go check it out, try the cool new features, and report any lack of complete success. Your window to influence WiX v5.0.0 is closing soon!