Today was another almost-two-hour dive, mostly into WiX v4 design discussions, first during triage, then during dedicated design-discussion time, and then at the end when Rob snuck one more question in. In the meantime, other software engineers, with help from their hardware buddies and the occasional rocket scientist, were waiting to see if their code successfully landed a robot on another planet. (It did!)

Issue triage

WiX v4 design discussion

Rob brought up an issue he's run into during recent WiX v4 work: WixUtilExtension, WixDependencyExtension, and WixTagExtension all add functionality to MSI packages but for Burn bundles, the runtime functionality is present in the Burn engine rather than the extension. Likewise, the core toolset needs to be able to build Burn bundles, so it needs special knowledge of the symbols generated when compiling authoring that uses those extensions.

One solution to that problem is to lift the concepts from those extensions into the core WiX language. On the opposite end of the spectrum is to move the Burn implementation into new bundle extensions (using the bundle extension support Sean added in Burn v4). Rob will continue investigating this as he works on his current work in extensibility in the MSI and Burn backends.