Everyone's fortunate that today's meeting had a higher-than-normal concentration of Bob. Mostly because it was a short meeting -- we had only one issue to triage and it was one I opened. Future meetings will, alas, probably return to a normal amount of Bobness.

Issue triage

  • WixUIExtension should support native platforms for custom actions, from @barnson, is our absolutely best (and only) issue to discuss today. In it, I point out how WixUIExtension's custom actions are currently only built for x86 and the current way that WixUIExtension's dialog sets are referenced doesn't provide a way to specify other custom action architectures. That requires a compiler extension, which today WixUIExtension doesn't use (or need). In the end, we agreed that we need a WIP to lay out how the different dialog sets would be represented. I selflessly volunteered to investigate, with the caveat that it might fall off my todo list.