Today is 2020's last WiX Online Meeting. We return in early January 2021, full of hope in a new year that will return us to a new normal approximating the old normal. To those who celebrate it, Merry Christmas!

Issue triage

Old issue triage

Sean discovered a couple of older issues that were worth re-triaging to see if they were candidates for WiX v4.0:

  • XmlGetAttribute returns S_FALSE, not E_NOTFOUND, from @wixbot, is an old complaint about how some of the DUtil native SDK functions return S_FALSE, which is a kind of odd not-an-error-but-not-successful return code in COM. It's used in the XmlGetAttribute function to indicate that the specified attribute didn't exist, instead of E_NOTFOUND, which the newer XmlGetAttributeEx function uses in the same state. A particularly brilliant comment points out that S_FALSE is exactly what you want when you don't care whether the attribute exists: A return value that doesn't trigger an error that you need to screen out. We didn't come to firm conclusions, but maybe we should consider XmlGetAttributeEx the replacement for XmlGetAttribute and let the latter live its ignominious S_FALSE-returning life?

  • Calling "rundll32 syssetup,SetupInfObjectInstallAction" triggers addionial wix burn dialog end of installation on 32 bit windows, from @metsma, is a problem we used to see more of, back in the days of Windows XP. In fact, we saw it only in Windows XP, but someone updated the bug earlier this year to say otherwise. The problem occurs due to Burn's use of the RunOnce registry key, which is how a bundle resumes following a mid-chain reboot. Until/unless we see the frequency of this problem rise up, we're content to not try to architect a solution that doesn't trigger this problem.