With a small number of bugs needing triage, this week's meeting was short but we got to spend a bit of time also talking about WiX v4.

Issue triage

  • Localized build for Kazakh not working, from @bingqiao, reports that the Kazakh WixUI localization file doesn't work when other strings include some characters in the Kazakh alphabet. However, when switching to the UTF-8 code page, it works. MSI has an odd history of unofficial support for UTF-8. Most things work but there are some oddities, as Rob showed, having coincidentally been considering changing the default code page in WiX v4 to UTF-8. In that spirit, he volunteered to take this bug in WiX v4.0.

  • bal:WixStandardBootstrapperApplication shows "Repair successfull" after installation, from @RCP161, demonstrates a problem with WixStdBA. While we might never know who caused that bug, Sean volunteered to fix it in WiX v4.0.

WiX v4.0 status

Once again, Rob summarized the work he, Sean, and I did a couple weekends ago to continue reorganizing the WiX source code into multiple repositories. The recording missed the part of the discussion we had about how we decided to approach pulling Burn into its own repository but otherwise has over four and a half hours of brilliant discussion you can get nowhere else.