WiX v3.11 status

Many people are excited that we shipped WiX v3.11 on Cinco de Mayo (5-May for monolinguals among you). Rob gleefully represented them all.

You can download the WiX Toolset v3.11 build tools and Visual Studio extensions here.

Rob and I both blogged about the release and you can read the extensive (he said modestly) release notes on the download page.

WiX v3.14 plan

WiX v3.14 (WiX Pi, which is just plain nerdy and lets us avoid v3.13 for the triskaidekaphobics and friggatriskaidekaphobics among us) is a "stepping-stone" release of WiX intended to simplify moving from WiX v3 to WiX v4.0.

There won't be new features in WiX v3.14 and it's not intended to be a typical release that people upgrade to and stay on. It's to help you migrating to WiX v4.0.

WiX v3.14 will begin soon and be built in parallel with WiX v4.0.

WiX v4.0 plan

Speaking of WiX v4.0: Now that WiX v3.11 is out the door, it's time to focus on WiX v4.0. Rob put a line in the sand and wants to target the end of 2017 to be done with all WiX v4.0 features. That would point the way to shipping WiX v4.0 in around this time next year.

I gave myself some homework to come up with a way of tagging bugs to help us focus on the most important ones as we finish WiX v4.0. Stay tuned.

Issue triage