WiX v3.11 status

WiX v3.11 is proceeding apace. Rob has all the bugs and is yielding to peer pressure to get them fixed. We're still on track to release WiX v3.11 RTM on 5-May. The ship party will be held in our individual homes and offices.

Issue triage

  • mailing list archives not available, from @andorz, reports an apparently temporary problem accessing the archives of the WiX mailing lists. It's working now, so enjoy browsing your favorite threads.

  • Example wrong in documentation., from @GregReddick, shows an embarrassing typo in the WiX documentation. (Embarrassing for whoever created it, of course, whoever that was, not that I'm suggesting it was me.) Happily, @Tiberriver256 volunteered a fix that was merged in, fixing the typo and alleviating embarrassment for whoever made it in the first place.

  • Missing link from homepage to version 4 installers, from @daixtrose, requests links to the not-yet-stable WiX v4.0 weekly releases. As WiX v4.0 is available only as weekly releases, they "scroll off" the list of weekly builds that we retain for both WiX v3 and v4. As WiX v3 slows down, v4 weekly builds will be around longer. Also, @briandrennan, who previously reformatted the releases page to highlight stable builds over weekly releases, volunteered to show v3 and v4 builds separately.

  • WiX + ARM64, from @jakepetroules, asks about WiX support for the ARM64 CPU, reportedly soon to be supported by Windows. Until/unless it is, it's theoretical, though as WiX has in the past supported 32-bit ARM, theory can become reality with a bit of work. We took the request into WiX v4.x to wait and see.