This week's meeting contains an excellent example of getting things done. In addition to routine issue triage and Rob's fortnightly WiX v4 status report, Jacob got an issue near and dear to his heart on the agenda, we talked it over, and signed Jacob up to do all the work. We should do this more often!

WiX v4.0 status

Today's WiX v4.0 status report was brief: Rob's continuing to make progress on the new pipeline model and compiler object model but the surgery is still ongoing and the patient is still on the table. And, not to overly mix metaphors, but as one of the midwives to this work, I can't wait to show it off.

Issue triage

Issue review

Jacob asked on the wix-devs mailing list about accessing variables from a bundle being upgraded. It sounded familiar, so I dug up the long-ago-opened issue: Allow access to persisted variables from related bundles. We discussed ways of accomplishing this, reached a general consensus on the best approach(es), and Jacob signed up to write a quick WIP.