This week we had a moderate number of bugs but almost all of them were "pre-triaged" by your hard-working WiX virtual team. Even so, the meeting was chock-full of news about WiX v4, a pull-request review, and news from yours truly about bugs.

WiX v4.0 status

Today Rob reported success building WiX v4 end-to-end from source to setup with the new repository organization. Some parts aren't yet included, like Burn and the WiX extensions, but enough of WiX v4 is building to be able to bootstrap its own MSI packages.

Rob also hinted at the new pipeline model and promised to provide more details at the next meeting. To those of us who build on top of and extend WiX, this new model is really exciting and we're anxious to discuss it and start hammering on it.

Issue triage

Pull request review

Rob spent some time reviewing Sean's pull request to reduce the strict interface model used between Burn and bootstrapper applications. Moving to a message-based model helps "future-proof" both the Burn engine and bootstrapper applications.

The Great WiX Bug Purge

In last week's meeting's "after show," those of us who stayed on the line discussed the desire to get rid of some/many of the old bugs in the issue tracker that are almost certainly never going to get to the top of anyone's to-do list. To that end, we're targeting bugs that are

  • Open
  • Unassigned
  • Untouched in more than two years

Those bugs will be:

  • Closed
  • Assigned to the new RespawnPoint milestone
  • Labeled not-dead-yet (or perhaps pining-for-the-fjords?)
  • Commented on to describe their not-quite-dead state.

Our goal is not to kill off genuine bugs that someone is interested in fixing. Anyone interested in fixing one of these bugs is welcome to comment on the bug and we'll arrange a respawn. But bugs that nobody has worked on in years are just a distraction.

I'll announce when the bug killer tool is ready. Maybe we'll run it live during a meeting!