Today was 2017's first WiX Online Meeting and, in a technical problem that does not bode well for the new year, no recording of the meeting is available. Just assume our tones were dulcet and our words were wise.

Issue triage


Unfortunately, for the past week or so, the entirety of, including WiX releases, has been tagged as malicious by multiple browsers (at least Chrome and Firefox). We've tried to raise the issue with CodePlex folks, but so far, all WiX downloads are still identified as malicious. We discussed the problem during the meeting and so far, are leaning toward using the releases feature of GitHub. The current plan is that we'll move over the latest stable release (WiX v3.10.3) and maybe a couple of others and leave other, historical releases on CodePlex. Going forward, new milestone releases would ship as GitHub releases.

We'll discuss the issue on the wix-devs mailing list to get more feedback.