WiX Expansion Pack

Be more productive using the WiX Toolset with the WiX Expansion Pack from FireGiant.

  • Leverage features not available in the open-source WiX Toolset.
  • Purchase separately with one low cost that covers your entire organization
  • Simple, fair licensing with no pesky serial numbers or activations.
  • Works seamlessly on build machines for continuous integration—just like WiX itself.
  • Included at no extra charge as part of our Enterprise Support Program.

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WiX Expansion Pack productivity for WiX
MSIX Extension for WiX Toolset

MSIX Extension

Create MSIX installation packages from the same source code that creates your MSI packages today.

  • Produce MSI, MSIX, and AppX packages at the same time.
  • Maintain a single set of .wxs source code.
  • Integrate seamlessly into your existing build.
  • Detailed error messages help porting to Nano Server and Windows 10 desktop applications.

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HeatWave Harvesting

HeatWave Harvesting is a simple yet powerful harvesting mechanism that makes it easy to incorporate select files from a folder or Visual Studio project.

  • Follows Windows Installer best practices.
  • More powerful than Heat.exe and easier to use. No more XSL.

Additional Functionality

  • The FireGiant Driver Extension is a lightweight and robust extension to the Windows Installer to install non-PnP drivers, such as file system filters, without the overhead of DifxApp.
  • The FireGiant Bootstrapper Application simplifies the creation of native-code bootstrapper applications for Burn bundles. It lets your code focus on user interface and business logic while FGBA handles the implementation of bootstrapper logic, threading, and memory management.


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