As we approach WiX v5's release -- still scheduled for next Friday, 5-April-2024, the 20th anniversary of WiX's first open-source release way back in the olden times of 2004 -- it's time to ship some updates of FireGiant's leading WiX tools: HeatWave and HeatWave Build Tools.


HeatWave v1.0.3 includes all the latest bug fixes and adds support for WiX v5. Naturally, WiX v4 continues to be supported.

You can get HeatWave v1.0.3 two ways:

Download HeatWave from the Visual Studio Marketplace for Visual Studio 2022 or for Visual Studio 2019 and double-click the .vsix to install or upgrade HeatWave.

You can also upgrade HeatWave inside Visual Studio:

  1. Choose Extensions|Manage Extensions.
  2. Expand the Updates node.
  3. Select Visual Studio Marketplace.
  4. Select HeatWave Community Edition.
  5. Choose Update (or Update All).
  6. Choose Close.
  7. Close Visual Studio to trigger the update.

HeatWave Build Tools

FireGiant support program customers now have access to HeatWave Build Tools with support for both WiX v4 and now WiX v5. (Read more about FireGiant Enterprise Support programs.)

Just upgrade to the latest preview version of the FireGiant.HeatWave.BuildTools.wixext NuGet package. If you have any questions or problems using HeatWave Build Tools, especially with WiX v5, please contact FireGiant support!