WiX v4.0.2 is now available. WiX v4.0.2 contains fixes for a handful of bugs serious enough to warrant another point release of WiX v4. Half of those bugs came about from my work with a FireGiant customer moving to WiX v4, including work to take advantage of the new WiX v4 build pipeline to replace extensions and utilities that built on top of WiX v3. We're grateful for their help uncovering these bugs. Remember that FireGiant customers get the benefit of guaranteed bug fixes for WiX and, for some, the priceless opportunity to work directly with me.

We recommend WiX v4.0.2 for customers using WiX v4. (If you're not yet on WiX v4, don't worry; FireGiant continues to fully support WiX v3, including guaranteed bug fixes.) If you're not yet a FireGiant support customer, sign up here. We're offering new and renewing customers expert help migrating to WiX v4.