Today we did something we haven't done in a while: We had a short meeting. There were only a few issues to triage and none of them were controversial -- which, it turns out, is the most common reason we turn a small number of issues into a long meeting.

WiX v4.0.2

Remember when we said that:

WiX v4.0.2 will instead ship before our next meeting in two weeks, specifically by shipping it one week, on 12-Sep.

That statement turned out to be almost entirely accurate, which as far as software estimates go is amazing. WiX v4.0.2 did indeed ship before our next meeting (this one). But we were a day off, due to some last-minute wrangling of Authenticode signing infrastructure. Instead, WiX v4.0.2 shipped on lucky 13-Sep. For details, take a look at our blog post and the WiX release notes.

Issue triage