Two new issues and a handful of old issues to triage -- surely this would be a quick meeting? You might think so, unless, you know, you've watched any of the other 241 meetings we've held and seen how rarely that happens.

Issue triage

  • Including remote payloads in a package that is assigned to a container causes cab creation to fail, from @rseanhall, came back after last meeting because I began a fix and realized I didn't have a complete picture of the problem I was trying to fix. That wouldn't necessarily stop me, but I decided to bring it back to triage for clarification. That was smart because it turns out I definitely didn't have a complete picture. Now I do [he says with unearned confidence --Ed.] and will have a fix shortly.

  • SQL error message is not informative when using Sql Extension, from @IgorKaplya, requests a clearer error message in the event of connection failure. The example provided shows that you can have lots of words and still not say much: It boils down to "couldn't connect and here are 18 reasons why that might happen." Still, additional information might be available and Sean pointed out that the underlying SQL code in DUtil might have useful error messages that aren't being logged. It would be additive so we took the issue in WiX v4.x for future consideration.

WiX v4 issue triage

We also finished -- for the moment! -- our review of the issues currently assigned to WiX v4. Our goal, as it has been for this kind of triage, was to get a thumbs-up or thumbs-down on whether the person an issue is assigned to still plans to resolve that issue by WiX v4 Preview 1. We mostly accomplished that goal, though we did dig a bit deeper on a few. We kept almost all of them, so work on WiX v4 Preview 1 continues apace. We will probably do more triage as Preview 1 approaches and we refine the final set of features and fixes in WiX v4.