After some technical difficulties that Rob solved by turning everything off and back on again, we had a brief meeting to discuss WiX v4 status and the new scheduled release date. Spoiler alert: We're on schedule!

WiX v4 status

We are on track to release WiX v4.0-preview.1 Friday, 11-November! We are planning to release "RC" (release candidate) builds roughly monthly after that, starting on 16-December. The release candidate builds will continue to be released until we're comfortable that the bugs have been uncovered and smooshed.

Issue triage

What issue triage?! We have no new issues to triage...

WiX v4.0-preview.1 triage

Oh, right, that issue triage. We spent some time going over the issues we have open for WiX v4 and the few that are part of Preview 1. Rob and I each have one item, both of which are done, just waiting for the new structure we've been preparing for WiX v4. Jacob submitted a pull request for the issue "Allow access to persisted variables from related bundles". Sean reviewed it and implement an automated test, so Jacob wins the award† for the last functional commit in v4.0-preview.1.

Stay tuned for an official announcement of the available of WiX v4.0-preview.1!

†There is no award.