Two meetings ago, I noted that it would traditionally have been Tax Day here in the United States. Instead, next Monday, May 17th is 2021's Tax Day. Is Monday a notable day for any other reason (not counting National Cherry Cobbler Day, obviously)? Read on!

Issue triage

WiX v4 Preview Zero

The Force was not with us last week. WiX v4 Preview Zero did not ship on May 4th but Rob kept plugging and is preparing the Preview Zero build and finishing details like the updated Web site as we speak. Expect fanfare and copious celebration on Monday, May 17th!

As a reminder, here's what's in Preview Zero:

  • wix.exe will be distributed as a .NET tool. That requires the .NET Core SDK and a simple command to install the WiX .NET tool from
  • In Preview Zero, MSI packages, merge modules, and Burn bundles will be supported.
  • The Util, Bal, UI, and Netfx WiX extensions will be supported.
  • The wix convert command will support converting WiX authoring from the v3 schema to the v4 schema.

And here's what's not:

  • MSBuild
  • Patches

We're debating whether Preview Zero fixes will result in additional Preview Zero fixes or batched in a Preview One before we're ready to publish MSBuild and patch support.