Welcome to the 167th WiX Online Meeting, the first since last Friday's 15-year anniversary of WiX's first open source release in 2004! Rob wrote about WiX's 15th anniversary here at Setup Matters and I did so briefly on my blog as well.

Issue triage

Votive v1

Rob did the enjoyable work of getting signed Votive packages building and investigating how to make the Votive templates show up neatly in the new Visual Studio 2019 new-project experience. As soon as those templates look pretty, the plan is to make a release candidate build available for everyone to have an opportunity to kick tires. If the tires are kicked successfully, then it would get promoted to live on the Visual Studio Marketplace. Look for an announcement here and on the WiX-users mailing list. Thanks to @chrpai and @heaths for their help.