Today we celebrated the Solstice (the summer variety for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere) by triaging some WiX bugs (as we are wont to do).

Issue triage

  • Heat -generate payloadgroup, from @ryatpronk, is requesting that Heat.exe support generating payload authoring for use in a Burn bundle. That's something pretty easily done with your average text editor, but we opened it in WiX v4.x if someone wanted to write a WIP about how best to accomplish it.

  • Auto-removal of temp driver files, from @ryatpronk, requests support for "drive-by" driver installation that doesn't leave files behind. As MSI is not a fan of removing installed resources and driver files tend to be on the tiny side, we didn't consider the removal of those files to be of high value, so we declined the request.

  • Should ProgramFiles6432Folder work with Candle?, from @ryatpronk, is essentially asking for the Burn built-in variable ProgramFiles6432Folder, which magically transforms itself to the right Program Files directory based on the bitness of the machine it's running on, for MSI packages. Rob volunteered to take this issue, as it's something he wants to add to WiX v4.0.