As Rob was on vacation, we skipped the meeting we would otherwise have had on 29-March. As next in the line of Benevolent Dictator For Life succession, I enjoyed my iron-fisted rule, brief as it was.

Issue triage

  • VS2013 toolset doesn't fail to build, but exe not the right size, from @c-engler, reports a randomly-occurring error where bundles aren't being built correctly but no error is being reported. I usually refer to these types of problems as Cosmic Ray Events -- disruptive, rare, and impossible to prove (unless you happen to have Cherenkov radiation detectors handy). In the computing space, the equivalent is rogue real-time antivirus detectors, which also produce dangerous radiation.[citation needed]

  • Feature request: Support for Microsoft's new MSIX installer format, from @jakubsuchybio, is a minor request to support the recently-announced MSIX container format. Details are scant so speculation runs rampant about what MSIX is actually about. More details are expected at the Microsoft Build conference. Maybe then we'll know what's involved.

  • MsmqQueue fails if MSMQ feature isn't enabled during immediate phase, from @Nir-Bar, points out that you can't install the MSMQ feature in one custom action and then have the WixMsmqExtension custom action create a queue. Our first reaction is that a bundle is a better way to handle this scenario. The second is that the immediate-mode MSMQ scheduling custom actions rely on MSMQ functionality so moving it all to the deferred custom actions would be a major undertaking, especially for such old technology.

  • WiX Toolset v3 build tools must be installed to build - MSBuild on a Docker Image, from @paniego, reports a problem using WiX MSBuild support in a Docker container. Running in a container isn't exactly the same as running locally, so some configuration work is to be expected.

  • Add Wix Toolset Extensions for JetBrains Rider IDE, from @indeecev, requests support for build integration with JetBrains's .NET IDE. While getting back into Java might take me back to a younger, more innocent time in my career, it's not something the core WiX team is likely to invest in. But we took the issue for someone more interested in that platform.

  • Installer appears to ignore ConfigureIfExists on iisWebSite, from @drummergeek, reports a problem using WixIIsExtension's support to skip configuring a web site if it already exists. A quick scan of the requested verbose log shows that the problem occurs during an upgrade so it's not a bug in the IIS code but in how the upgrade was done.