Remember on this, the Valentine's Day 2017 edition of the WiX Online Meeting, that "let's not do gifts this year" is a lie.

Issue triage

WiX v3.11 issue review

Microsoft announced that Visual Studio 2017 would ship on 7-March. As of meeting #120, we had 24 open issues in the WiX v3.11 milestone. Those two facts didn't provide a lot of hope that we'd be able to ship WiX v3.11 close to VS2017. However, in an uncoordinated effort, Rob, Sean, Jacob, and I all plowed through a number of bugs and pull request reviews over the weekend. The result is that now we have only seven open issues.

Then, those fine, upstanding folks at FireGiant presented a proof of concept project to ship Votive, the WiX Toolset Visual Studio Extension, in the Visual Studio Marketplace. This avoids the problems of trying to install VSIX packages from an MSI package, complicated by the changes in Visual Studio 2017 to support multiple instances and to reduce registry use. The WIP outlines the approach.

Between excellent progress on open issues and a viable plan to ship Votive for Visual Studio 2017, our stake-in-the-ground plan is to ship a release candidate of both WiX v3.11 and Votive on 7-March when Visual Studio 2017 is released. And, in that fine WiX tradition of shipping releases on holidays, WiX v3.11 and Votive would ship on 1-April. We'll reevaluate those dates at meeting #122 on 28-Feburary.