With Rob away on FireGiant business, it was up to Sean and me to run this week's WiX online meeting, which we accomplished with aplomb and only minor technical difficulties.

Issue triage

  • Built-in dialogs should support Right-to-left, from @dennisr35, requests support for right-to-left UI in the WixUI dialog library. We have a couple of RTL languages with localized strings but the dialogs themselves show left-to-right. It should be possible to take advantage of the localization attribute override support I added back in WiX v3.6 to set all the RTL attributes. I took this issue to verify that to the best of my non-RTL-language-knowing ability; assuming it works, we really need experts to help set the right attributes for support RTL languages.

  • LGHT0001 should be more specific about which file failed., from @Daniel15, points to an i/o exception that would be more useful if it said which particular file caused the exception. The IOException class doesn't actually expose that but the better solution anyway is to add a try block around the code that causes the exception so we can report it without resorting to a crash as the error-reporting mechanism. We took this issue in WiX v3.x.

  • Wixproj schema, from @cshorler, requests what first sounded impossible: Schema documentation for WiX MSBuild projects. It turns out it's quite possible, as so many elements in .wixproj files are actually XML elements, so an .xsd schema is something Visual Studio would process while editing an unloaded .wixproj. Microsoft did so for the common MSBuild targets files so anyone interested in adding such documentation is welcome to emulate that for WiX tasks, targets, properties, and items.

  • WiX 3.11: CustomActions and WinForms problem, from @win32nipuh, reports missing UI when using WinForms from a C# custom action. Sean volunteered to follow up so we'll carry this issue over to the next meeting.