"In a dark place we find ourselves, and a little more knowledge lights our way." -- Jedi Grand Master Yoda

Welcome to the FireGiant blog -- Setup Matters -- our space to talk about FireGiant when we need more than 140 characters. CEO Rob Mensching has his blog and your humble correspondent has his and both of us will continue to irregularly post about things both personal and related to WiX. Setup Matters is where we'll talk about FireGiant:

  • We'll have announcements and details about FireGiant's current offerings and new offerings as they become available. We'll also talk about FireGiant itself: FireGiant is a (fairly) young, distributed startup built around the 16-year-old WiX project that was Microsoft's first open-source project when it was released 11 years ago. There's plenty of interesting things we can share.

  • We'll also talk about how FireGiant works with WiX and the WiX community. In addition to indirectly contributing to WiX -- such as by paying me a salary that I use to pay the electrical and networking bills every month -- FireGiant directly contributes to WiX in several ways and has plans for more that we can't quite talk about yet.

Coming (very) soon

In fact, here's the first new thing FireGiant's going to do. Almost every week, Rob and I host a virtual online meeting over Skype to triage incoming WiX bugs, discuss WiX development and pull requests, and any other random questions and comments we get from the people attending live. Those meetings end up as videos on YouTube. FireGiant, which already sponsors the Skype meetings, will now be sponsoring WiX Meeting Highlights: Written summaries of the meetings, including the status of incoming bugs and feature requests, decisions about WiX schedule and development, and maybe even some gossip.

That starts tomorrow. In the meantime:

You can read about the services FireGiant offers WiX users. Take a look at our other social media outlets, like Twitter. The FireGiant Knowledge Base has many interesting bits of WiX and MSI arcana and useful debugging hints.

If you want to get in touch, please contact us.