Today's meeting had only a handful of issues, none of which caused our (in)famous long design discussions, so we had our first meeting of less than 30 minutes in a long time. I'd hoped to share my findings about running the WiX runtime tests in Windows Sandbox but, alas, life interfered with that goal. Next meeting for sure!

Issue triage

  • Votive has problems installing in Visual Studio 17.2.x, from @barnson, is the issue I opened after our last meeting, to track the various problems people have reported installing Votive into the latest 17.2.x versions of Visual Studio. Turns out that it's a Visual Studio bug and Microsoft was kind enough to release the fix in Visual Studio v17.2.5 yesterday. Several people who'd reported problems have confirmed the fix solves those problems, so we're declaring victory!

  • "Copy and modify" instructions not working for WixUI_Advanced and WixUI_Minimal, from @JVimes, dares to suggest that some WiX documentation is inaccurate. As I'm pretty sure I wrote this particular bit of documentation, I'm doubly offended. Oh wait, I'm not offended at all. Bugs are bugs, regardless of the language they're implemented in. I took the bug to fix the next time I'm feeling more English-y than C#-y.

  • Wix Toolset Visual Studio 2022 Extension fails installation at Visual Studio 2022 (ARM 64-bit) - Preview, from @ofarrill, is quick on the draw: Just last week, Microsoft released the first public preview of Visual Studio running natively on Arm64. Though Arm64 Visual Studio is available in preview, the first "GA" release isn't expected until the end of the year and future releases will be needed to "finish" Arm-ifying all of what Visual Studio does. Extensions aren't yet fully supported, with the announcement blog post noting "We will be sharing more info on how to migrate your extensions to Arm64 in a future blog post, so stay tuned!" So it's probably not a surprise that Votive doesn't magically work yet. We'll keep this issue open and on the back burner until there's a reason to turn up the heat.