In addition to a brief amount of triage, today was Story Day. So grab a warm beverage, settle in a comfy chair in front of the fire, and get ready to listen to Rob talk about some history and modern-day issues between your humble WiX Toolset maintainers and the .NET Foundation.

Issue triage

  • Unable to build after updating to version v3.14.0.4118, from @barnson, and Empty Merge Module Project Fails to Compile with Wix 3.14, from @mjanulaitis, are a set of issues and discussions that, in the end, point out that the ICE validation tests for merge modules are broken in WiX v3.14. I updated WiX to have the latest "ICE CUB" files when I added ARM64 support to WiX v3.14 so the ICEs wouldn't complain about this fancy new ARM64 architecture. Unfortunately, I didn't discover that the ICEs specifically for merge modules were broken in the latest MSI SDK release. I volunteered to investigate, to see if the ICE tests have been updated or need to be rolled back to the last known-good set.

  • WIX IIS extension should not grant "Adjust Memory Quota for a Process", from @lachlann562, suggests that the default app pool settings should not include a particular Windows privilege because it allows a malicious user to behave badly. The IIS extension doesn't intentionally include the privilege in question but could presumably exclude it. That requires some research and a WIP to determine how it should be done and maintain compatibility.

  • Enforceing Code Integrity Check, from @rambabunethi, is a duplicate of an earlier issue requesting reconsideration. The difficulties we outlined in that issue remain and we're treating this as a low-priority issue barring more convincing feedback. But I re-opened the older issue to make it clearer we're open to a solution.

.NET Foundation

There have been recent issues between the .NET Foundation and the maintainers of projects that are members, including WiX Toolset. And yes, we've been affected by those recent (and some not-so-recent) issues. At today's meeting, Rob told the story of WiX, the .NET Foundation, and how we've recently been affected. I won't try to summarize Rob's story, except to say that while the issues are serious and in need of resolution, they don't have a downstream effect on WiX itself other than a (hopefully brief) distraction. You can also read Rob's written version of the story.