Today we finished triaging all the open issues to determine which ones are required before we can release WiX v4.0 Preview Zero. Now we just have to fix them. Next meeting, we'll instead spend that triage time discussing open issues to get a bit more speed than talking asynchronously in wix-devs email threads.

Issue triage

  • light.exe creates "corrupt" .cab files, from @MarkoKaiser, was back in the queue with the poster providing the requested repro case. So I volunteered to take the issue to investigate. Given the potential seriousness, we assigned the issue to WiX v4 Preview Zero so my volunteer investigation will happen sooner rather than later.

  • WiX ignores ExePackage UninstallCommand, from @neil-leathers-modesttree, was closed by the poster but included a suggestion that I wanted us to talk about. Rob ended up agreeing with the suggestion that better names for the InstallCommand, RepairCommand, and UninstallCommand attributes would be InstallArguments, RepairArguments, and UninstallArguments. He took the issue and will implement it as part of WiX v4 Preview Zero.

  • Drop ARM (32-bit) support, from @barnson, suggests that nobody's using 32-bit ARM support so we should remove it from WiX. Nobody objected, so it'll go away shortly -- and Itanium, also no longer in use on Windows, might just join it.

  • wixproj does not support PackageReference , from @gabiganam, requests support for the newer-fangled NuGet package support in WiX MSBuild projects. Surprise -- support is coming in WiX v4 but not as part of WiX v4 Preview Zero.

WiX v4 Preview Zero triage

We triaged the following issues as needing to be fixed before we can declare Preview Zero of WiX v4.0 ready. Including the bugs we triaged before -- some of which we've fixed -- we have 39 bugs to hit Preview Zero: another unfortunate but not unexpected spike, though everyone is hoping a bunch of those are bugs that are already fixed and just need to be verified.