For today's meeting, we served an appetizer of new-issue triage and a robust entrée of WiX v4.0 Preview Zero triage. No dessert was served yet after-dinner drinks were plentiful, at least in my office.

Issue triage

After the last meeting, I opened WixUI accessibility bugs and WixStdBA accessibility bugs to track accessibility bugs in the WixUI dialog library and the WixStdBA bootstrapper application. I linked to all the bugs I could find that are about accessibility and tagged them with the accessibility label. We're still looking for accessibility experts to help us understand what's missing and how to fix them.

WiX v4 Preview Zero triage

We triaged the following issues as needing to be fixed before we can declare Preview Zero of WiX v4.0 ready. Including the bugs we triaged before, we have 19 bugs to hit Preview Zero: an unfortunate but not unexpected upward trend.