Sean helped triage a multitude of v4 issues today, attending from the airport, mere minutes away from the start of a 14-hour reverse-time-travel adventure back to the United States. As we went to press, we can report he landed safely and is now a jet-lagged resident of the Northern Hemisphere.

Issue triage

  • Update MajorUpgrade to default to same-version upgrades, from @rseanhall, triggered a bit of a discussion. In the end, we decided that the risk of accidental downgrades due to the Windows Installer behavior of ignoring the fourth version field meant that same-version upgrades should not be the default.

  • Alt Text to the CancelDlg's Icon, from @roaladje, is another accessibility bug in the WixUI dialog library. We decided to create some tracking bugs to gather all the accessibility bugs in the hopes we can send up a flare asking for accessibility experts to help fix them all.

  • Smart Cabbing not working in some cases, from @Reelsun, reports the sad news of a potential dumbness in smart cabbing (the feature that keeps only one copy of a file that's included more than one in a package). Rob took the issue to investigate for WiX v4.0.

WiX v4 Preview Zero triage

We triaged the following issues as needing to be fixed before we can declare Preview Zero of WiX v4.0 ready. Including the bugs we triaged before, we have 10 bugs to hit Preview Zero.