Our meeting last month had a surprise from Sean and this one does too, of a different sort. And happy early birthday to Rob!

Issue triage

WiX v4 status report

With the new WiX v4 patch-build process validated -- wix build patch.wxs -out patch.msp is all you need -- Rob reported on the major pieces left before we can declare a prerelease build of WiX v4.0:

  • Wrapping up patch support
  • Consumption of merge modules
  • Instance transforms

A FireGiant customer is adopting WiX v4.0 already and is successful in building MSI packages, so large parts of the system are ready for use at large scale.

More news as progress continues into spring.

WiX v3.14 status report

WiX v3.14 is getting some fixes and features:

A build with all those changes will be out next week.