The next WiX Online Meeting is #199, which means the one after that is #200. That's 200 meetings in just over seven years!

Issue triage

  • Broken links for resolving "light.exe : error LGHT0217 : Error executing ICE action 'ICE01'. ...", from @andy-schmidt, points out that we have some broken links on []. I volunteered to fix them, probably by rewriting the text to avoid needing links. Who knew sites as big as Microsoft's still let links break?

  • Remove "ancient" deprecated language elements, from your humble reporter, suggests that language elements that were deprecated in WiX v2 have been deprecated long enough to finally remove in WiX v4. The most obvious example is the many elements that take a src attribute in addition to SourceFile (among others). It wasn't technically deprecated in WiX v2, but SourceFile (and the others) were also supported. Still, it's been many years and supporting both clutters up the compiler with extra code to throw deprecation warnings. It's time to clean up deprecated language elements and Rob volunteered to wield the machete.

  • NetFx.wixext .NET Core packages don't detect newer versions, from @rseanhall, reports that today, the .NET Core package groups aren't able to correctly detect when a particular package is installed. That means, best case, that even if a later version of .NET Core is installed, Burn will go ahead and try to install an older version. That cannot stand. For WiX v4.0, we want to investigate whether trying to install an older version of .NET will "succeed" (and do nothing) or cause an error.

  • Burn doesn't format variables when evaluating conditions, from @rseanhall, demonstrates that when using a formatted -- as opposed to literal -- string variable in a bundle, Burn still treats the string as literal when evaluating it in an conditional expression. Sean was not vehemently opposed to taking the issue for WiX v4.0 Preview Zero.

WiX v4 design discussions

With a few more issues assigned to the Preview Zero milestone, we're up to 40 bugs to hit Preview Zero. We discussed two of those issues: