Welcome to the first WiX Online Meeting of the decade! (Yes, 2020 begins the decade we can call the "20s." Just accept that decades are 0-indexed.)

Issue triage

  • When I download & run installer in MS Edge it does not pop up on top of the browser, from @jozefizso, didn't have new information from the reporter this week so I volunteered to try to reproduce the problem as stated. I tried using the latest Chromium-based Edge beta and could not. Given that the soon-to-be-old Edge is being replaced almost entirely by the new Chromium-based Edge, I closed the issue.

  • Build wix on tfs builds prebuild too early, from @slnetgit, requests that the order of task invocation in the WiX MSBuild targets be changed to allow a pre-build event to rely on resolved references. We weren't confident that was the right fix, as it would prevent a pre-build event from modifying the references. Rob dug into the WiX .targets file and discovered that there's an existing extensibility point that comes after the resolve-references task. Mission accomplished.

WiX v4 status report

Rob gave a quick status report on WiX v4. Today, it was the "big-ticket" items that need to be completed before we can release a preview of WiX v4:

  • Consuming merge modules into .msi packages
  • Creating transforms and patches
  • Creating instance transforms

Patches are the biggest of the big-ticket items, especially as Rob is investigating ways to streamline how they're built.

More to come!