Today, we didn't have much to triage but we got a surprise WIP to discuss and Rob gave a brief glimpse of what building patches looks like in WiX v4.

Issue triage

WIP: .NET Core bootstrapper application host

Sean posted a WiX Improvement Proposal (WIP) and a pull request to support bootstrapper applications build with .NET Core as self-contained deployments. That means you'd be able to write a bootstrapper application in C# with WPF UI without worrying about needing to bootstrap .NET Framework first. Granted, it's about 60MB to get that benefit, but pretty cool nonetheless. Sean's seeking feedback on the wix-devs mailing list.

WiX v4 status report

Rob's been busy reconstructing support for building patches in WiX v4. In WiX v3, you create a (usually small) .wxs file to author your patch metadata, build that with Candle and Light, build transforms with Torch, then combine everything using Pyro. In WiX v4, the patch authoring includes the data needed to build the transforms so the build process is one line: wix build patch.wxs -out patch.msp.