Today's meeting is perhaps the shortest we've ever had. There were no new issues to triage and only a brief announcement from Rob. I will definitely spend more time preparing these highlights than the meeting itself took so in a philosophical sense, are they still merely highlights? These are the questions to ponder in the extra time we have available to us, thanks to a meeting that ends earlier than scheduled.

Issue triage

Votive v1

The good news is that the work to enable Votive in Visual Studio 2019 is done. The bad news is that the templates included in Votive do not show up in the New Project window in a way that looks good or makes sense. Rob's attempt to get insight into the problem from Visual Studio folks hasn't yet yielded a response. Rob opined that many teams are probably so super-excited for the upcoming Build conference that they're also super-busy and super-ignoring-emails. Our next meeting is the day after Build, so we'll revisit the issue then.