Though I personally prefer 24-hour clocks and little-endian day-month-year formats, it's hard to resist the nerdy joy inherent in the date 3/14 at 1:59PM. I might say it's just me but it's not just me -- Pi Day is a real thing, even just for other nerds. Anyway, enjoy the day even if contains no pies, pizza, or calzones (technically still pies).

Issue triage

  • Default dialog background doesn't respect high contrast colors, from @DaveTryon, requests that the default images for the WixUI dialog library use .png files with transparency instead of the old-school .bmp files we ship today, which use white pixels for the background. Unfortunately, Windows Installer doesn't support PNGs with transparency until Windows 8. Though Windows 7 is approaching "end of support" next January, it's still too early to drop default support for it. Rob suggested that in WiX v4 we could break compatibility with the current bitmaps and use a smaller image that wouldn't cover the entire dialog. So that's where the issue stands. In the meantime, you can always replace the default bitmaps with your own PNGs, if Windows 7 compatibility is not a concern for you.

  • ResetPeriodInDays adding InSeconds?, from @directionless, requests support for a bit more precision in the ServiceConfig element's support for setting the period of time to reset the failure count of a service. Today, the ResetPeriodInDays attribute lets you specify the period in days...but the underlying API lets you specify the period in seconds. The decision to use days instead of seconds was made long ago and any particular reasons why are lost in the mists of history. We took the issue in WiX v4.x for a reasonable alternative unit of the passage of time.

  • Recovery Actions non-functionality should be documented, from @directionless, points out that we have a warning for the use of the not-entirely-working-as-expected MsiConfigureServices standard action but it's not in the documentation. We're always on the lookout for better documentation, so we opened the issue in WiX v3.14 as we'd take a documentation change.

  • Bundle installation process crashes in remote execution scenarios, from @NikolaMilosavljevic, reports a crash when installing a bundle via a remote mechanism like PowerShell Remoting. This appears to be a bug that we fixed for a FireGiant customer and I worked with @NikolaMilosavljevic to verify that. So we decided to take this fix into WiX v3.14, given our confidence that it's a good fix.