Your humble correspondent sits in the middle of the current polar vortex, overclocking his CPUs to huddle over for warmth, his typing slowed down by the thick mittens, but happy that the WiX Online Meetings are, in fact, online and he can stay indoors and still triage WiX bugs.

Issue triage

  • Patch created using purely WiX does not include changes to XmlFile table, from @nirbar, reports that some changes aren't included in a patch. When filtering to include only certain changes in a patch, WiX includes only those changes, though it also knows, for example, to include the files that are part of a component referenced in a filtering via ComponentRef. It won't, however, include changes in a custom table from an extension that refers to that component. Allowing this might take the form of automatically following foreign-key relationships in the MSI tables, allowing an extension to tell WiX what tables should be examined for differences, or even allowing the user to specify which custom tables to example. We took this issue into WiX v4 for a WIP and thinking about what's best.

  • WIX 3.11, Registration of COM objects for x86 and x64, from @dmitry-lipetsk, requests the ability to have a shared ProgId registration with platform-specific components for COM components related to that progid. This is very similar to one of the first feature requests made when WiX was first released almost 15 years ago. It demonstrates a weakness in the strongly-typed WiX elements for COM registration, like ProgId, that they're tied to a component. However, this scenario is definitely an edge case so we suspect it will sit for another 15 years or so...

  • "How To: Create a Shortcut on the Start Menu" leads to ICE69 warning, from @ChristianCiach, says that following the advice in a particular how-to leads to an ICE warning. The particular ICE warning in question has always been one of those pesky ones, where you wonder if it's worth the trouble. But we decided that if we can't avoid the warning, we should at least mention it, so into the doc-bug queue it goes.