SourceForge, which is where WiX was originally launched 11 years ago, still hosts the WiX mailing lists and Unfortunately, last week, SourceForge suffered an outage that they're still recovering from. As a result, mail to and from the wix-users and wix-devs mailing lists has been stuck in limbo for days. That won't do, so last night we fixed it.

There's been talk for months (years, actually) about moving the last bit of WiX that's hosted by SourceForge onto It turns out that hosting mailing lists is fairly complicated and/or expensive so doing so didn't quite bubble up the priority list. However, when SourceForge's mailing lists were still down after this weekend, the incentive was there. So, with FireGiant's sponsorship, the new wix-users and wix-devs mailing lists are now hosted at

You can subscribe to these new mailing lists by sending mail. To subscribe to wix-users, send mail to To subscribe to wix-devs, send mail to

You will get a confirmation mail with a link that verifies your address and subscribes you to the list. There are no plans to automatically subscribe users to the new lists from the old lists. If you want to get mail from the new lists, you must subscribe yourself. And, as before, to reduce spam, you must subscribe to the list to send mail to it.


The plan is to move to these new mailing lists immediately and to put the SourceForge mailing lists in read-only mode. (As opposed to their current neither-read-nor-write-at-all mode.)

We also need to put together a plan to migrate the mailing list archives. That will take some time, mostly because there are about 80,000 messages to migrate.

If you have any problems with these new mailing lists, please let us know by sending mail to...well, maybe by tweeting @firegiantco.