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Integrating the FireGiant MSIX Extension

Reference the FireGiant MSIX Extension

The FgMsixExtension.wixext.dll WiX extension must be referenced in your WiX project. If you use Visual Studio:

  1. Right-click on the "References" node and choose "Add Reference."
  2. Select FgMsixExtension.wixext.dll from the list, click the "Add" button, then click "OK."

If you edit your .wixproj by hand, add the following code:

  <WixExtension Include="FgMsixExtension.wixext" />

If you build your WiX packages using the WiX command line tools, you can use the -ext switch to reference FgMsixExtension.wixext.dll:

candle -ext FgMsixExtension.wixext ...
light -out path\to\MySoftware.msi -ext FgMsixExtension.wixext ...

Then you can run FireGiant.Msix.exe to build the MSIX package:

FireGiant.Msix.exe path\to\MySoftware.wixpdb -out path\to\MySoftware.msix

Author MSIX package properties

Once the MSIX Extension is referenced, the build process creates both MSI and MSIX packages. MSIX packages require some MSIX-specific information in your authoring before the FireGiant MSIX Extension can successfully create an MSIX package. To do so:

First, declare the MSIX Extension's namespace in your .wxs source code. Add xmlns:fga="http://www.firegiant.com/schemas/v3/wxs/fgmsix.xsd" to to the Wix element:

<Wix xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/wix/2006/wi"
  <Product ...>

Then provide the identity information required by MSIX packages. Add the following element to your Product element:

<fga:Msix Id="Example" Publisher="CN=Example" Target="desktop" />

Naturally, you will want to change the Id attribute to something that better describes your product. The Publisher attribute must match the subject of the certificate that will be used to sign the MSIX package. The Target value of desktop specifies that your package targets MSIX on Windows.