Beyond Files

In the real life out there, you'll probably need more to do than to copy files into their final repository. To create a registry keys, include them inside a RegistryKey in the component:

<RegistryKey Root='HKLM' Key='Software\Acme\Foobar 1.0'>
    <RegistryValue Type='string' Name='InstallDir' Value='[INSTALLDIR]'/>
    <RegistryValue Type='integer' Name='Flag' Value='0'/>

Type can be string, integer, binary, expandable, or multiString. If the Name attribute is omitted, the default key will be created.

In the case of a multiString, use one or more MultiStringValue children to specify the individual strings. You can also include the Root and Key attributes directly on the RegistryValue element:

<RegistryValue Root='HKLM' Key='Software\Acme\Foobar 1.0' Type='multiString' Name='InstallDir'>

If your application handles its own file data type, you will need to register a file association for it. Put a ProgId inside your component. FileId should refer to the Id attribute of the File element describing the file meant to handle the files of this extension:

<ProgId Id='AcmeFoobar.xyzfile' Description='Acme Foobar data file'>
    <Extension Id='xyz' ContentType='application/xyz'>
        <Verb Id='open' Command='Open' TargetFile='FileId' Argument='"%1"' />

To assign an icon to this file type, you have to specify where the icon should come from:

<ProgId Id='AcmeFoobar.xyzfile' Description='Acme Foobar data file' Icon='Foobar.ico'>

or, if the icon comes from an executable or resource file containing several icons, you can specify which one:

<ProgId Id='AcmeFoobar.xyzfile' Description='Acme Foobar data file' Icon='Foobar.exe' IconIndex='1'>

And finally, if you want to write an .ini file---although the registry is more in vogue these days---this is what you need in your component:

<IniFile Id="WriteIntoIniFile" Directory="INSTALLDIR" Name="Foobar.ini" Action="addLine" Key="InstallDir" Section="Paths" Value="[INSTALLDIR]" />

In the next lesson we'll see how to implement a user interface so that the user can get a chance to decide what and where to install.